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Portable Tank + Air Pump + Sub-Mask

Portable Tank + Air Pump + Sub-Mask

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The Portable Tank cylinder allows you to explore the depths for up to 10 minutes without surfacing. Thanks to it's refined design and minimal weight the Portable Tank can effortlessly be used with minimal set up, making it the perfect apparatus for all your aquatic adventures.

Refill your Tank anywhereanytime with the Hand Pump. This easy-to-use pump needs no energy source to function. Connecting it to your Portable Tank will get you back to exploring freely in just minutes. It’s foldable and lightweight design makes it easy to carry anywhere on the go. The Hand Pump comes with all necessary attachments & spare filters which can also be purchased separately.

The Sub-Mask is a cutting-edge full-face snorkeling mask that can be linked to Tank cylinders. It transforms the traditional snorkeling experience by providing a unique combination of features: you can breathe through the snorkel while on the surface, and the Tank cylinder will automatically take over once you decide to dive.

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